Violinist of Hameln Fanfics

Once upon a time, I swore I would never write fanfiction because I didn't think I could come up with anything interesting. I bet you'd never have guessed that huh. I still prefer drawing over writing; however, occasionaly the fiction muse does strike.


Facing the Future
Rating: Pg-13
Genre: Romance
A three part story dealing with the lives of Flute, Lute, Clari, and Raiel after the end of the demon wars. This is based on the anime ending _not_ the manga ending. Each section will feature a different couple.

Consequences of the Moment: Part 1/3
The actions of a single moment can have important ramifications on the future. In part one, Lute discovers something important, and confronts his sister. The couple spotlighted in this part is Flute and Hamel (via flashabacks), and Flute and Lute (Platonic, people)


Rating: PG
Genre: Drama
Clari and Lute redifine their relationship after now that the PRince has returned after 15 years. With so much pain, adjusting is proving especially difficult for the once happy Prince Lute. This is not intended to be Shonen Ai, all though you're more then welcome to take that interpretation. *End of Anime Spoilers*

In Just One Moment
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama
Trom's watches as the country he grew up in is ravaged by Mazoku, leaving him feeling helpless and touched by hatred. I wrote this as a way of dealing with 9/11, so if you note similarites, that's why.

A Funny Thing
Rating: PG:
Genre: Comedy
This is a short piece that I wrote. It's meant to be humorous. There are SPOILERS for the end of the anime. There's also a shonen ai scene between Clari and Lute, which gets interrupted by a familiar person. So far, This was posted straight to the ML, and is reproduced here with the entire post still intact. It also should be considered a rough version of a story. Very little proof reading went into this.

Sizer and Ocarina
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance (Shojo Ai)
Written on request. It's about Sizer and Ocarina, before Sizer leaves Hameln. It is Shojo ai! Be warned. Again this was posted directly to the ML. and the message part as well as story part is reproduced here. And Again, very little proof reading went into this piece or work

Living in My Memory
Rating: G
\ Genre: General
This is a Christmas story for Horn. It takes place 15 years before the actual start of the manga. What's Christams like after you've lost the people who matter most?

Ever Lasting Light
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff Romance
Takes place after the end of the anime, spoiler free. It's about Trom and Coronet and how the prepare for Christmas. Very cute, light hearted fluff. and this is anime Coro here!

Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
This story features Trom. It's a stream of consciousness, just before Trom blows up at Sizer, so there are spoilers for events after manga 11.

When Next We Meet
Rating: G
Genre: General
This is spoiler free and takes place during the first SFZ war. Lute is preparing to leave for the battle front, but stops on his way to see his sister and share a few more moments with her.


You Know You're Dangerously obsessed with VOH When
by Anakin Bester
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