This art makes my site unique and it's my own work, thank you for understanding.

The fanart here comprises of art done between the ages of 16-25. So, obviously the quality will vary, but I do like, for one (sometimes odd)reason or another, everything on here.
A "*" indicates new art, or at least art that I put up with the latest update, though I might have done it some time ago.

*Older Trom and Cooro sword practicing *Clari Net *Raiel and Sizer *Flute and Hamel *Hamel and his Violin Hell King Lute Battles Monseters Lute and the stars Marionette Lute and the stars happy birthday Lute MINE!! Prince 
Lute sketch flutesketch Trom is taught a lesson Lute Entertaining Baby Flute with Bubbles Lute standing in the wind Trom waves cutely Trom as a teenager Clari carries lute to bed Lute playing with Clari's hair Lute and Clari remember early times Lute hugging Little Clari Trom looks  Cocky Apprehensive Trom Bass's Puppet Clari huging Lute from behind Trom ready to fight Sizer and Ocarina Shoujo Ai Trom runs to his mom portrait of Lute Lute and Flute sit Lute and Clari: guardians The Group wishing you a Happy New Year Clari Portrait an angry Raiel Happy Flute Sizer Sizer looking alart Hamel Portrait Another Lute Portrait Souless

A group shot Trom sleep on Coro Clari removes Bass's spell Hamel and Trom Trom and the illusion of his mother The early Mlers Off to Spray paint Hamln, Coro, Trom, Hamel and Obo

*Clari and Lute: help me Hamel and Raiel in Russian outfits Flute Mourns the box Hell's Joker Sizer torments Clari

*Orgel *True Form Vocal Kitty LLute Hamel holds Flute close Pandora and Chestra Clari hands Lute an umbrella sketch of Lute and Trom little Hamel Hula girl Orgel Bass Mommy Trom and yuuki Raiel and Hamel sad Clari Hamel Kisses Raiel in Trom's imagination Bass the amazing soccar ball

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Trom, Hamel, and Raiel Trom and Vocal meet up Me lounging in the Trom costume My brother as Trom My brother as Clari, Me as Lute