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symphony #9
A fansite based on the manga, and a very nice one at that! It's got great information on the manga, manga characters, and manga scans!
A Raiel/Sizer site! yes really! An aodrable Raiel/Sizer site! Go now if you love this pairing! It's absolutely great, informative, dedicated website mistress, yay for this site!
A honest to God NEW fansite! This is an awesome little page dediated to hamel with nice information, various icons and all kinda of goodies!
Insomniel has re-activated her page after three years! Rejoice! to Clari and other VoH themes. One of the oldest voh sites retrun with all the drum and Clari goodness you could ever need!
Raya's VoH fanpage. One of the oldest on the net that is still (relatively) active. She has series info, doujinshi scans, fanart, translations and many other goodies.
This is Key's Cel Gallery. She used to own the VoH site Morendo Anthem but since most of the links there are dead, I thought I'd direct to the gallery where you can see some wonderful VoH cels. .
Megan Schroeder's site is one of the larger ones still on the net. She has all kinda of things, go take a look. Heck she even made her own VoH plushies!
Jenny's Violinist of Hameln Webpage
Jenny also has one of the older sites. Her image gallery is down, but you can still see her wonderful winamp scans and read some of her fanfiction, as wel as download some of the music.
The Violinist of Hameln Sunday Night RPG
The longest running VoH Rpg is still going on. This started with Elena, then passed to Raya, then to Yuuki, and then to Clari. I played Trom and Orgel in it for a grand total of a little under 5 years. If you have the time commitment, it might be worth it, but be warned, they take it very seriously sometimes.
Twisted Personality
An inactive (yes there is a pattern here with VoH sites) shrine to the zany character of Coronet.
A Shrine to Prince Lute
Elena's original Shrine to Lute (and the first on the net). I'm rather surprised this is still up. It's inactive and outdated (made prior to the end of the manga) but it's a nice historical piece. Elena's VoH site was the the first or second I ever found, and at the tiem the msot extensive. This is all that remains.
Zrana's Realm
Zrana has some great Voh fanart. Go look! Her Lute picture is espeically wonderful, and I believe this is the only remaining place you can see TinkerLute.
Violinist of Hameln Fics on FF.Net
If you want some more Violinist of Hameln fanfiction, you can browse through here. Most of the VoH writings have cone up onto, though not all of them.
Hameln no Violin Hiki Website
This site is mostly dead (not updates since 1997) however, the introduction page provides some interesting information on the series that I suggest reading.


Some adorable VoH art in her gallery, along with several comics. One of my favorite japanese artists!
Another site that focuses on Lute/Clari (I swear this is not my bais, this is just what I find out there!) Adorable fanart, fan comics etc. Lots of art goodies here!


The DeviantArt Hameln Club
A place on deviantart to for Hameln fans. There are contests etc there.
The Hameln Livejournal Community
I place for Hameln fans to gather and discuss their favorite show on Livejournal. it's open to everything, slash, art, fics, memes etc. Join to talk to other VoH fans!
The Hameln Drabble Livejournal Community
A community on Livejournal geared toward Hameln drabbles and short fics.


This is a fanlisting for Hamel. It's actually got manga scans and such, plus an assortment of cosplay pictures (but without credit ;_;)
This is a Fanlisting for the opening theme song of the first half of the series: Magical Labyrinth
Here's a fanlisting for the whole series! So if you like all of VoH, go join up here!
Sweet Princess
A Fanlisting for the main herioine of the series, Princess Flute
A ray of a prayer
And finally, a fanlisting for the High Priest of Sfortzendo, Clari Net. and IIRC, the oldest VoH fanlisting still active on the net!