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Here, you will find information pertaining to the series in all it's incarnations, whether anime, cd, movie, or what have you.
Most of this information came from Jerrin, who created The Hameln Archive in and around 1998. That site was the site for Hameln information for many years. With it's passing, a lot of information stood to be lost to the web. Jerrin has kindly allowed my to use the information she compiled so that it is not lost. Therefore, most of what you see here is the fruits of her labor. I merely added to or reformatted in some areas, unless otherwise noted.


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In General

The Violinist of Hameln is an awesome story created by Michiaki Watanabe that focuses strongly on music, and a wonderfully balanced mix of drama and humor. The first manga volume was released on September 20th, 1991 and it ran until March 22nd, 2001, totaling 37 volumes. The series spawned one 30 minutes, comedy bases movie, and a 25 episode, dramatic, TV series (plus numerous CD's, phone cards, posts cards, pins, etc).

The premise of all of it is one man's, Hamel's, quest to find his mother, his place in the world, and to continue traveling North, toward the home of the Mazoku (demons) Hameln with his mentor, the talking bird Oboe. On the way he meets an array of traveling companions including a strong willed girl, a child-hood friend, a bratty Prince, a fallen angel, a bishonen priest/warrior and his psychotic sister, Queen's, half dog-half deer demons, a young man carrying a decapitated head, an animated clown mask, a leather wearing chain wielding demon, and much much more. And he fights them all with his magical, cello sized Violin! -Ani