Manga Scans:

Here, I'll try and post scans from certain scenes in the manga that I think are particularly interesting. It might be a gag scene of a few pages, half a volume, a picture, anything I find interesting.
Sadly, these links are on a geocities page and there is the possibility that the bandwidth has been exceeded. If that happens, I'm very sorry -_-
B Uhh also, SPOILERS! Seriously, SPOILERS!

So far the pivitol scenes I scanned are:

* Mazoku Hamel and Vocal's awakening Hosted on My Site: these two scenes take place in volumes 15 and 16.

* NEW!! Hamel and Flute's Date Hsoted on My Site: After the Trauma of volumes 13, 14, and 15, the groups finds some breathing time and Hamel and Flute find themselves on something thought might even be considered a date! This takes place in the last movement (chapter) of volume 16.

* Vocal Fun Hosted on Geocities: Got a thing for the leather clad, crazed Sinner? This page has scans of him from all points in the manga, including how he leaves the story.

* Lute's Possession Hosted on Geocities: Scanned practically page by page, here is the flash back showing how Lute became bass's puppet.

* NEW!! Bass's Defeat Hosted on My Site: Volume 34 is primarly considered with a huge fight between Clari Net and Hell King Bass. The end result is that there is some gain after quite a bit of loss. In here, Flute finds out who her brother is.

* The Ending Hosted on Geocities: Curious how the manga ended? Here's how. Do I need to say watch for spoilers? ^^

* NEW!!Character Pictures Hosted on My Site: Toward the end of the manga, Watanabe begin to include individual character portraits and bios in various places. I've scanned most of those (some scans were ruined and will be posted later).

Craving more manga scans? I'm not the only person scanning in manga images. Check out Pu-Sama's Deviant Journal. She has put up scans there before, and currently she has several scenes scanned in!